Creating Your Thinkific Account and Self-Enrolling in a Course

Our online trainings are open and free for anyone to self-enroll and complete at their own pace. Our online courses run 24/7 so there’s no start date/calendar/scheduling.

The courses on the following webpage are our online trainings. Feel free to enroll in all of them 😊

1. Find the training you are interested in and click on that training title (on this page: 

  • a course description/details page will open up details about that specific training course.

🌟(We also have bundles for the MIECHV new hire and yearly training course requirements that make it quick to enroll in several courses with one click-I don’t know if your program is part of MIECHV but I like to mention these bundles in case it is-the bundles are super popular).  Click here to see the MIECHV training requirements and access the bundle enrollments.

2. Next click on the blue button link at the bottom of the screen (see screenshot below) to take you to our learning hub (Thinkific) where you'll actually sign up and self-enroll for our courses.

3. You are now on our Thinkific website: Click on the blue button to enroll/create your AHVNTI Thinkific account (See screenshot below)

4. To create your AHVNTI Thinkific Account, please fill out the following information.  When finished, click on the blue button “Sign up” to finish creating your account. (See screenshot below)

5. Once you have created your account, you should be taken to your student dashboard.  You’ll see the course(s) you enrolled in.  Click on the Start Course button on the Course Listing to begin the course.  *If you are a returning student and have already started the course then this will show “Resume Course”  (See screenshot below)

6. Once you are in the course, you’ll see on the left there are 6 steps to complete the course. These steps must be completed in order to unlock then next step. ⭐ To move to the next step you’ll click on the blue button on the bottom of the screen that says “Please click here to mark this step as completed and continue to the next step” (See screenshot below)

7. After you complete/mark all of the steps as completed you’ll earn a certificate of course completion (non PDR) that you can access and print.  This certificate will be available in your Thinkific Account for future re-printing if needed. (See screenshot below)

Other important information:

After you’ve created your account- you can view (and self-enroll) all of our online courses in Thinkific on this course catalog page:

⭐Please note that the Thinkific website only works correctly in Google Chrome and Edge Internet browsers.  And if you are on a tablet device (such as a surface pro, chromebook, or ipad) you must access the courses through the Google Chrome Internet Browser.

⭐⭐Also note- if you will be requesting Arkansas Professional Development Registry Credit hours (a.k.a. PDR) we do track the time spent in between taking the pretest and the post test to ensure that they have viewed the entire learning module (in Step 3).  The passing of the pretest and post test are not the goal of the training.  The goal of the training is to spend time learning (specifically in Step 3) So if it appears as if a learner goes through the course too fast, we will not award PDR credit.

⭐⭐⭐Also note that all of our online courses were recycled/refreshed on July 1, 2022. Any Course Completion Certificates for coursework completed prior to that date can be printed from your learner dashboard

⭐⭐⭐Also note that all of our online courses will recycle/refresh again on July 1st, 2023 so all training for this fiscal year needs to be completed before June 30, 2023.

The Thinkific learning hub is new for us so please feel free to reach out to me if you have any issues or need any further assistance. Feel free to share the information above with your coworkers 😊

Thanks for learning with us!

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This content on this page was last updated on August 5, 2022.  Please feel free to email 📧 if you have any questions about the information posted above, questions about creating an AHVN Training Institute Thinkific account, or questions about completing an online course. 

Need Tech Support?

Feel free to reach out to Mona Scott at the AHVN Training Institute and she will be more than happy to assist you with this.