⚠FY23 Bundles have changed.  The information will be available here mid-July. Please check back around that time.

 *Below are the AHVN MIECHV Training Requirements for Fiscal Year FY22 (July 2021-June 2022)

📅Within first 8 weeks of hire date (FY22) Bundle A

These 5 Benchmark trainings are to be completed within the first 8 weeks of a new hire's start date. (⬇Scroll down this page for link to enroll)

  • Continuous Quality Improvement CQI (MOD202 Online) (Online Only)

  • Improving Family Health: Adult Tobacco Use & Young Children's Health (MOD206 Online) (MOD005 In-Person)

  • Parental (Maternal) Depression (MOD207 Online) (MOD011 In-Person)

  • Improving Family Health: The ABCs of Breastfeeding *for Models serving infants (MOD208 Online) (MOD003 In-Person)

  • Understanding Intimate Partner Violence (MOD212 Online) (MOD449 Virtual-Blended) (MOD049 In-Person) (Futures Without Violence In-Person)

📅Within first year of hire date (FY22) Bundle B

These 3 trainings are to be completed within the first year of a new hire's start date. (⬇Scroll down this page for link to enroll)

  • Strategies for Home Visitor Safety (MOD213 Online) (MOD414 Virtual-Blended) (MOD049 In-Person)

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs (MOD217 Online) (MOD437 Virtual-Blended) (MOD037 In-Person)

  • Safe Sleep Practices: Changing Knowledge and Behavior to Promote Safe Sleep Practices for Families with Infants *for Models serving 0-3 (MOD219 Online) (MOD019 In-Person)

📅Annually (FY22)

These 2 trainings are to be completed annually. Fiscal Year FY22 begins on July 1, 2021 and ends June 30, 2022 (⬇Scroll down this page for link to enroll)

  • Role of Home Visitor: Responding and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (MOD215 Online) (MOD016 In-Person)

  • 📅Trauma Informed Approaches in Home Visiting (MOD441 Virtual-Blended) (MOD041 In-Person) *Note: Unlike the other trainings above, this training is NOT offered as an online self-paced training. This particular training is currently ONLY offered via virtual-blended delivery (live Zoom meeting). You must locate an upcoming date, register, and attend to complete this training. Click on the 🟦Blue Bundle C button ⬇below for more instructions on how to accomplish this.

This content on this page was last updated on June30, 2022.  Please feel free to email 📧 homevistingti@uams.edu if you have any questions about the information posted above, questions about creating an AHVN Training Institute Thinkific account, or questions about completing an online course.