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Trauma-Informed approaches involve both organizational and direct practices that recognize the complex impact trauma has on both families and providers. Building a trauma-informed home visiting program requires that staff at all levels understand trauma and its impact on families. Through this virtual training, home visitors will come to understand how to incorporate trauma-informed practices with the families they serve, connect these families to local trauma resources, and care for themselves as they encounter exposure to the trauma of others. (MOD441) (April 2020)

Course Objectives: 

  • Describe what trauma is and how it impacts families
  • Recognize the characteristics of trauma-informed home visiting practice
  • Understand what you can do to implement trauma-informed practices
  • Develop a list of local trauma resources that you can share with families

Virtual Blended Training Version: Available ONLY to Home Visitors inside the state of Arkansas. Self-enrollment is NOT permitted. Home Visitors: Contact your supervisor or coordinator if you would like to be added to an upcoming offering of this interactive virtual training.

Supervisors/Coordinators: Click here to contact Felicia Loring to schedule a virtual blended training for your group.


Instructor-Led and Virtual Blended Training Specialist

Felicia Loring, MS

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