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Enrollment Qualifications

**This online self-paced training course is open for anyone to enroll and complete on their own time.  If you need assistance self-enrolling or creating a Thinkific account- please contact Mona Scott at [email protected].

Course Description
*Note: All coursework must be completed prior to June 28, 2024 to receive a certificate or this fiscal year (FY24 July1, 2023-June 30, 2024) 

Trauma-Informed approaches involve both organizational and direct practices that recognize the complex impact trauma has on both families and providers. Building a trauma-informed home visiting program requires that staff at all levels understand trauma and its impact on families.  Through this online training, home visitors will come to understand how to incorporate trauma-informed practices with the families they serve, connect these families to local trauma resources, and care for themselves as they encounter exposure to the trauma of others. (MOD223) (June 2023)
Course Objectives: 

  • Describe what trauma is and how it impacts families
  • Recognize the characteristics of trauma-informed home visiting practice
  • Understand what you can do to implement trauma-informed practices
  • Develop a list of local trauma resources that you can share with families


Online Instructional Design and Technology Specialist

Mona Scott, M.Ed.

As the Instructional Design and Technology Specialist for the Arkansas Home Visiting Network Training Institute Mona develops technology-based instructional and informational materials and interventions applying adult learning principles. In addition to producing online content, Mona also manage the LMS, Thinkific, for our learners as well as provide reporting for continuing education credits. Other duties include website maintenance, graphic design, virtual training producing, and event planning. Contact the Arkansas Home Visiting Network Training Institute by email at 📧[email protected] .

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