Course Information:

Course Description

This module provides an overview of what causes anger, the function that anger serves in our lives, and how anger impacts our relationships. Home visitors will learn how these issues may look in parenting situations as well as specific strategies on how to help parents understand and manage their anger. (MOD211) (June 2016)

Course Objectives: 

Upon completion of this training, home visitors will be able to:

  • Identify the factors that contribute to anger
  • Recognize when anger is out of control and requires additional action
  • Describe the effects of anger on the angry person and others in his or her life
  • Use specific strategies to help and support parents and other caregivers who struggle with anger


Online Instructional Design and Technology Specialist

Mona Scott, M.Ed.

As the Instructional Design and Technology Specialist for the Arkansas Home Visiting Network Training Institute Mona develops technology-based instructional and informational materials and interventions applying adult learning principles. In addition to producing online content, Mona also manage the LMS, Thinkific, for our learners as well as provide reporting for continuing education credits. Other duties include website maintenance, graphic design, virtual training producing, and event planning. Contact the Arkansas Home Visiting Network Training Institute by email at 📧[email protected] .

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