AHVN Training Institute Diversity and Inclusion 4-Part Training Series

Facilitated by Jodie Dailey, LCSW, MLIS and Felicia Loring, MS

This training (offered via instructor-led module and/or virtual blended),  facilitated by Jodie Dailey, LCSW, MLIS & Felicia Loring, MS, is a four-part series on diversity and inclusion for early childhood home visitors and parent educators. It includes video segments from motivational speaker Liz Nead and open, facilitated conversations designed to help participants learn about themselves and others, develop empathy and make sense of the diversity in our everyday lives. Conversations are designed to help understand how we think about diversity and inclusion and assist participants in talking with each other about these sometimes tense topics. Enrollment is limited to home visiting professionals within the Arkansas Home Visiting Network.

Pre-enrollment required. Limited enrollment. Check our 📅 AHVNTI training calendar for upcoming sessions you and your staff can join or contact 📧Felicia Loring, MS to request an offering of this training for your staff.  (New April 2021)


  • Recognize the challenges that arise in having diversity conversations
  • Work to develop empathy for those who are different from themselves
  • Challenge themselves to become more comfortable with diversity conversations

How Registration for a Conversation Café works:

How Registration for a Conversation Café works:

Home visiting professionals who register for one (or all 3) of the Virtual Conversation Café Trainings are manually added (by Mona Scott) to the MOD603 Intro to Diversity and Inclusion online self-paced training as a pre-work assignment before attending the one of Conversation Café(s).  The Virtual Conversation Café offerings are delivered via zoom.

Mona usually waits until about a week before the virtual blended training to enroll the attendees in the Introduction Video Course so that the content is top of mind when the attendees log-in to participate in the virtual Conversation Café(s).

You can register you and/or your staff for our upcoming session(s) here: https://ahvnti.thinkific.com/pages/virtual-blended-training-calendar

You can see who is already registered for these trainings by looking at these links:

Conversation Café Part 1: https://airtable.com/shrPvSVXIb1ixskRY

Conversation Café Part 2: https://airtable.com/shrHWhHICRgLUOMbf

Conversation Café Part 3: https://airtable.com/shruButxe6va663Vl

Example: For the March 14th offering of Conversation Café Part 1- Mona will process the registrations around March 6th. At that time, those registrants will receive Thinkific log-in information on how to complete MOD603 Intro to Diversity and Inclusion video self-paced online course. They will also receive information regarding the virtual blended Conversation Café Part 1 on that day as well (if they are registered to attend on March 14th).

(This page was last updated on February 10, 2023)

Additional Information: Contact the AHVN Training Institute at 📧 [email protected]